Velocity academy

Velocity Academy

Upgrade your game with VELOCITY

Team 91 Northside is partnering with Ironworks Performance



  1. Rapidity or speed of motion; swiftness.
  2. The rate of speed of action or occurrence.

Our definition: Speed with purpose

Velocity Academy is back! This is one of our most intensive and advanced training opportunities. We believe in developing the whole athlete and this program will help players rapidly improve their skill, mechanics, strength, speed, endurance, explosiveness, and more. This one of a kind program will unlock every athlete’s full potential, upgrade strengths, and eliminate deficiencies and weaknesses. Whatever your goals are, we will help you get there. In partnering with Ironworks Performance, we will be able to combine advanced skills with a physics based speed and strength regimen that will include sport and athlete specific training methodologies. 

***For Advanced players only 


Dates: 9/6, 9/13, 9/20, 9/27

Times by Age:

2032-2027: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Northside Select Price: $95

Outside Registrations: $125

Location: LGC Athletics: 5466 Co Rd 3, Erie, CO 80516


Velocity academy will include the following:


Building the lacrosse player:

  1. Advanced position training
  2. Skill & Iq Development
  3. Pro player comparisons and video analysis/feedback
  4. Individual development plan and personalized workouts

Building the Athlete:

  1. Physics Based Program For Developing Elite Level Strength, Power, Speed, And Explosiveness
  2. General Physical Prep, Special Strengths; Max Strength Development, Speed, agility,  Strength Development, Age Specific Focus
  3. Mobility Training; Injury Resistance & Prevention Focus 
  4. Nutrition Guidance & Recovery 

Building the person:

  1. Breathwork, Mindfulness, Focus, and awareness
  2. Habit formation and utilization 
  3. Resilience mechanisms and mental toughness training
  4. Goal setting and action plans
  5. Recruiting planning (hs)


Great players are built, not born!


We will have numerous benchmark workouts, exercises, and handouts for the players to measure their improvement throughout the course of the program. 



-4, 2 hour in person sessions (one hour of lacrosse, one hour speed & strength)

- Leadership sessions  going over goals, action plan, habit formation, and recruiting advice (or preparing them for spring).

- 3 month Speed/Strength program and positional training program (to be completed individually




*We will be offering sessions for offensive, defensive players, and goalies. If there is enough interest for faceoff specialists, we will add in sessions for them as well. 

Elevate The North!