Frequently Asked Questions


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PLAYING TIME: The goal is for every player to play as much as possible. As a competitive club, playing time is earned, and time on the field will be determined by each players game/practice performance, skill, HUSTLE, work ethic, and attitude. Playing time will always be fair, but may not always be equal. We believe that this relates significantly to life, and is part of being on a competitive team (in sports, school, organizations, etc.). We encourage all players to advocate for themselves, and speak with coaches on how they can improve. All players will have equal opportunity to earn playing time!

PARENT/SIDELINE EXPECTATIONS: We expect all of our parents to also buy into the Northside Culture. Parents should always be respectful to coaches, players (on our team and opposing teams), other parents, and officials. Negative comments towards players, officials, or other parents will not be tolerated. Please refrain from “coaching” from the sideline during practices and games. Our coaches are trained to handle all game situations and parents instructing their kids from the sideline can be confusing to players and contradict how the coach is teaching the team to play, and largely detracts from a players’ ability to be creative and decisive on the field.

24 HOUR RULE: Our Coaches are instructed to refrain from any dialogue during, before, or after games with family members about any incident, concern, etc. for 24 hours after the end of each game or practice. Parents should not approach coaches about any game incident/grievance or perceived conflict until 24 hours after the event has concluded to avoid any hostile event and to remove the kids from the situation. Please relay any serious issues to the program director.

E+R=O (EVENT + RESPONSE = OUTCOME): We teach our players that they have the ability to respond above the line to any event. Although tough events may occur in life, we want them to understand that they have the power to overcome any event with their response. We feel that this directly relates to team placement. While we recognize that some players may not make the team that they wanted to, we also recognize the power that this gives them to grow, and to put in the work to get to where they want to be. For players that do make the team that they want, this gives them the opportunity to resist complacency and work harder, knowing that there are other players who are chasing them for this spot the following season. We believe that learning to respond to the adversity of not making a certain team, losing a game, or anything else similar in an athletic setting, will significantly aid them in responding to truly adverse and difficult events that will occur in life.


Once a player commits to playing for Team 91 after tryouts, that spot is theirs. The player commits to the full-season program. To receive a refund, prorated or otherwise, another player must fill that player's roster position.  If the player misses time because of an injury, a doctor's note must be supplied for any refund consideration. It is a requirement for registration to waive rights to refunds for any reason. Refunds will not include credit card processing fees (5%).