Skills Lab: Spring Prep Academy 

Positional Training to take your game to the next level


We are pleased to introduce our newest Skills Laboratory training- Spring Prep Academy! Spring prep will be a skill and position focused training program to sharpen your axe for the spring season, as well as give players an individualized action plan to continue to improve their skills into the spring season. We take pride in offering advanced and innovative training opportunities year round. Registration is open to all offensive players, defensive players, and faceoff specialists. 


As the game continues to evolve, so do we. We are constantly studying the top coaches, teams, players, and systems in lacrosse to bring you some of the best training the state has to offer. Hundreds of reps, advanced skills, in an atmosphere where players can learn and retain technical and tactical aspects of the game. 


Offensive Curriculum

The Goal: Build multi-dimensional offensive players who are dangerous dodgers, feeders, and scorers and can make quick and effective decisions under pressure. 

The Skills: DASH Dodging, Scoring Form and Velocity, on the run progressions, 1,2,3 scoring, up the hash/island work, and 2 man game mastery. 

Coach: Ethan LaHoda - Director of 91 Northside, Mountain Range head coach and two time MCLA Nation Champion at CSU

Defensive Curriculum: 

The goal: Build multi-dimensional defenders who excel on-ball, off-ball, in sliding positions, and in transition. Defenders who dictate the pace of play, the direction of the dodger/ball, who thrive under pressure, and play in the gray. 

The Skills: Footwork, battle approaches, checks, show/slide and recoveries, defending two man game, verbal and non-verbal communication, and offensive skills to build the complete defender.

Coaches: Cory Hughes - Head Coach at Jefferson Academy and two time MCLA National Champion defender at CSU  & Ethan LaHoda


Faceoff Curriculum

The Goal: Build multi-dimensional faceoff specialists who can dominate and adjust against any player or style. Players who not only dominate at the x, but dominate ground balls, defense, and in transition. 

The Skills: Form, hand speed, moves, ball control, counters, exits, goldfish memory,  ground balls, and winning wing play. Players will also jump in with the offense and defensive groups for a drill or two each session to work on skills they will need to become a complete player. 

Coach: Brian Jackson, faceoff coach at Mountain Range high school and former faceoff specialist at University of Pennsylvania. 


*All players will get a detailed evaluation/action plan highlighting strengths, room for improvement, and skills/drills to work on. 


Session 1 Dates (Tuesdays): 1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15


Ages: 2031-2026



2031-2028: 5:30-7:00pm

2027-2026: 7:00-8:30pm


Location: Carol Butts Indoor Facility - 4201 W 94th Ave, Westminster, CO 80031


Price: $150


Registration info for session 2 at a Northern Location will be released soon!


Elevate The North!