Skills Lab: Position Battle

Skills Lab

The Skills Laboratory combines advanced training with film study and in depth player analyses. Our age specific curriculum includes skill, drills, and systems from some of the brightest lacrosse minds in the world, top leaders in all sports/avenues, and years of combined coaching and playing experience. Skills Lab is designed to increase the skill, athleticism, and IQ of all players by layering fundamental, advanced, and unique skills to maximize each player’s potential. We have been working hard to break down these skills, chop up video and highlights from some of the top players in the world (in all sports) to create a thorough and advanced system to increase, measure, and maximize these skills in the players we coach.

This clinic series includes position specific training with an additional focus on skill application. Players learn position specific skills, movements, and systems in the first portion of each clinic, and then apply them in live drills (example: offense vs. defense). We program each theme into a natural progression where players can learn, apply, and execute each skill. 

Position Battle Description:

  • 4, 2 hour trainings per session
  • Players will be sent multiple labs prior to the clinic including videos of drills, player spotlights, and a skill bank of full of dodging and scoring clips that we will review during each session.
  • Hundreds of reps!


Session 1 Dates: 1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29

Session 2 Dates: 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26


2030-2026: 9am-11:00am

2025-2023: 11:00am-1:00pm

Location: Sports Performance Center:  555 Aspen Ridge Dr Unit F, Lafayette, CO 80026


Coaches: All sessions will be led by 91 Northside Director, Ethan LaHoda and other high school/college coaches in the area.


Cost: $225 for one session, $395 for both

Offensive Skill Overview (this is just the beginning!)

  • D.A.S.H dodging
  • Reactive Dodging
  • Advanced Footwork
  • Scoring form, accuracy, and velocity
  • Time and room scoring stratification
  • On the run scoring stratification
  • Island/Up the Hash Stratification.
  • 2 man game
  • Reading Slides & Rotations
  • Blind Space Scoring
  • Off ball & Adjacent Movement


Defensive Skill Overview:

  • Defensive Footwork
  • Kickbacks and hip turns
  • Approach fundamentals
  • Alamo/Battle Approaches
  • Slides, Recoveries, Doubles
  • Defending Redodges
  • Communication
  • Skewer/Hammer/Dagger slides
  • X/Island Defense
  • Defending/attacking 2 man game
  • Invert defense
  • Offball/Help Defense
  • Clearing Stickwork
  • Offensive skills and comprehension


Goalie Skill Overview:

  • Arc/Angle work
  • Hand speed and eye hand coordination
  • Stepping
  • Agility/footwork
  • Steering wheel/Accelerator work
  • Wall routine
  • Turns
  • Body/kick saves
  • Screen shots
  • Defending fakes
  • Communication
  • Clearing stickwork
  • Mindset/Resilience Training

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